New Members

Do you wish to try out trampoline, or do you want to become a member, then feel free to take a look at our Welcome Folder. In it you will find information regarding behaviour, training schedule and membership payment.

Lundtofte Trampoline Club is open for all who wish to jump trampoline. If it’s for exercise, the friendship, for competitions, or perhaps even elite level doesn’t matter. You are more than welcome. Our well educated coaches are ready to teach you on all levels. From the absolute beginner to the experienced national champion.
You can join Lundtofte as soon as you turn 8. Although parental supervision is required if you are between the ages 8-10.

Training Schedule:
Wednesdays from 17.00 to 19.30
Fridays from 17.30 to 19.30

Contact our Chairman if you wish to try trampoline:
Peter Laurent
21 72 13 64 – after 16.00

Our Welcome Folder tells a bit about who we are and our training schedule.
Click the link below to download the folder:

Code of Conduct :

1. We’re on time and only leave after training is over.
2. We greet the coaches nicely. Also when we leave.
3. Phones are kept in the bag or pocket during the ENTIRE training.
4. We all help setting up equipment before warm up and jumping, and we all help packing it down again, before we stretch and leave.
5. We speak nicely to each other, all of us.
6. We inform the club about absence or sickness if we cannot make it to training or a competition. This can be done either on Facebook, via SMS or a call.
7. Food and drinks are allowed, but cake, candy soda and energy drinks stay at home, unless there is enough for everybody, e.g. because of birthdays, or the like.
8. If we can’t follow these simple rules, we will be put on the sideline for a short while. If this continues, the club will contact our parents and we will be sent home.

Beneath is our registration form. Print it out, fill it, and give it to a board member during training. We will fix the rest.